Client References

Voice of America IBB/BBG, Washington


BBC World Service, London


Ambassador Paul Bremer, Governor CPA, Baghdad


Hewlett-Packard, Böblingen


Daimler/Mercedes-Benz, Stuttgart


The High Representative of Bosnia and Herzegovina Prof. Schwarz-Schilling, Sarajevo


Kodak, Warsaw
Canon, Amstelveen

United Nations Mission for Iraq

University of Oxford

Bosch-Siemens, Munich

Epson, Meerbusch

TV5 Monde, Paris

AsiaSat, Hong Kong

Werner & Mertz, Mainz

Coca Cola, Shanghai

UNICEF, Florence


Kerensa Jennings

Head of Strategic Delivery, BBC, London

“I do not believe I have ever seen such widespread and comprehensive coverage of a poll in the BBC (and beyond)”

Lewis Paul Bremer III

Governor of Iraq, Baghdad

Professor Christian Schwarz-Schilling

High Representative of Bosnia and Herzegovina and former Federal Minister of Telecommunications, Germany

“The OHR fully supported the work which is of crucial relevance at a time when there is a complete lack if data on views and opinions of the population, in particular of those who do not participate in elections. Oxford Research International`s results are unparalleled in quality and substance in Bosnia and Herzegovina and are an invaluable tool for policy-makers […].

William Bell

Director for Audience Insights at the International Broadcasting Bureau, Washington

”They have demonstrated an outstanding ability to produce work of a high professional standard in some of the world`s most challenging research environments, finding creative ways to generate robust data even in the absence of local institutional and statistical infrastructure. These qualities were very much in evidence during Oxford`s recent national survey of Libya, which provided us with high-quality data from a market rife with obstacles to accurate survey research. ”Oxford`s combination of technical expertise and practical field experience is, in our view, among the best in the business.”

“Your extraordinary wave of four polls enabled my colleagues and I to understand things about Iraq we had no other way of learning. […] Your insights and information comparing and contrasting the reported opinions of various sub-national groups were exceptional value and influenced our decisions.”

Anne Barnsdale

Head of Audiences, World Service at BBC News; London

“We have worked with Oxford Research International for a number of years, mainly for projects in developing markets […]. Unlike other research companies, Oxford Research tends to build research capacity from scratch […]. Through links with local organisations/ universities they meticulously train a team of suitable locals to take in the bulk of the research. […] They have proved to be excellent project managers, keeping us informed at studies progress and have a strong track record of meeting deadlines.”

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