Analytical Capacity

Oxford has reported to the highest levels in politics, international organisations and Fortune 500 companies. Our ability to select and present critical elements from large bodies of data - sometimes spanning multiple countries and research components - is second to none. Our Executive Briefs are legendary. Oxford Research International will employ any form of multi-variate statistical modelling to take a 360° perspective on the data, yet will also find ways to present its insights in a lucid and straightforward manner, never losing sight of our clients' strategic imperatives


Integrated Approach for Authenticity and Quality

Oxford Research International does not work through departments or loosely connected associates. Authentic knowledge requires authentic experiences and rich context. This is why all our client managers will be there every step of the way. From client consultation to programme design, from team formation to training, from data collection on the ground to analysis and back to the client at the reporting stage. This is what makes us different. This is what makes our insights authentic. This is what gives our work unparalleled quality



Nimble Oxford Teams for Flexibility and Speed

Oxford Research International has moved away from a static model and runs its research with nimble, multi-lingual, smart research teams. We have also perfected our mobile data-entry and processing capacity for greater speed and accuracy. This is the best way to meet our clients' needs for fast accurate data and insightful strategy reports from some of the most challenging emerging markets around the world. Through our access to Oxford Alumni from over 170 countries worldwide, Oxford Research International features an abundance of intelligent researchers throughout emerging markets, many of whom have worked with the firm in the past.



The core of Oxford Research International's competency is the transfer of specific research and methodology expertise to on-the-ground teams. This is not just about updating local crews on the latest techniques in research but also explaining the specifics of a study, analytical aims and ways to marry on-the-ground findings to the overall strategic endeavours of our client. We believe that only if teams understand the entire purpose of a given programme, they will be able to operate effectively


Research Instruments and Innovative Methodology

We will use practically any form of qualitative and quantitative research. From large-scale national surveys to highly specialised studies involving groups, in-depth or expert interviews, mystery or observational work, the firm will always suggest the right tools for the strategic remit at hand. Beyond our renowned scientific rigour, Oxford Research International has often created innovative methodologies to deliver superior research solutions from emerging markets that are well below the levels of social organisation found in developed countries.

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