Satellite Communications Research in Emerging Markets


Through on-the-ground data from DTH/broadband consumers, installers, SoHo/SMEs, regulators, telcoms, etc. Oxford Research International reduces risk in satellite deployment planning by identifying profitable orbital positions
Our Assets

Experience - Two decades in DTH/SatCom in emerging markets


Wide Range – We will target consumer households, media ecosystems, SoHo/SMEs, government players, telcos, value-added service providers, platforms, etc.


Instruments – National and regional surveys, observations, in-depth and groups, desk research


Solution driven – Presented with a problem, we will find a research solution for strategy and planning


Authentic On-The-Ground Perspective – All our client managers will lead all their projects on the ground. We bring unmatched authenticity and context to our client


Oxford network – Access to Oxford Alumni with research backgrounds in over 160 countries to support our research programmes


Teams and Training Facility – Oxford Teams will enter even the most challenging environments with international teams and train local researchers in specifics and latest techniques forming very effective teams


Mobile Teams – Much of today’s research requires flexibility and speed. We meet this demand with highly mobile and self-sufficient teams


Cost-Effective – Our structures allow cost-effective research


Quality – We mean what we say. We run independent quality control teams and provide up to 100% quality control

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