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On-the-ground data to drive orbital activity

In Direct-to-Home (DTH) satellite and cable technology, Oxford Research International has been particularly innovative. As a media delivery platform which not only reaches billions of consumers and is driven by cutting-edge technology, DTH is a particularly valuable field for innovation. It is also directly relevant to audiences and the choices they make.  As the name suggests, AfScan was developed for Africa but is both portable and scaleable and therefore useful wherever there are significant growth rates in DTH accompanied by data gaps regarding audience access and preferences

Sample Presentation
Space satellite orbiting the earth. Elem


It is all about scope and quality

  • Understand media consumer profiles behind the dishes

  • Quantify market potential for DTH through proportions of electrified TV homes and wealth analysis

  • Proportionate DTH technical set ups and dish orientations

  • Reach beyond the scope of international research conglomerates

  • Understand Africa in terms of cross-border language groups: Arabic, Swahili, Hausa, Berber, Somali, etc.

  • Attract new broadcasters and build strong orbital positions to secure short and long term growth

  • Defend and increase capacity pricing in a competitive environment

  • Be a partner/support of local companies to favour the emergence and growth of new TV projects

  • Nationwide dedicated DTH research programme with fully-trained expert research crews surveying 1,000 households per country (rural areas optional)

  • Multi-stage random probability sampling design with pre-field identification of Sat TV homes

  • Targets technology/purchase deciders

  • In-home TechCheck® of DTH outdoor/indoor equipment (including size, orientation, STBs , LNB  setup, etc.)

  • Drivers behind current orientation choice and propensity to alter dish direction

  • Assessing favourites and remotes

  • Quantifying telephony/broadband potential, payment systems for Pay TV (mobile money)

  • Level of DTH knowledge in the home

  • Date, type and cost of installation

  • Role of installers and FTA  vs. Pay TV

  • Programming recalls and content attractiveness

  • Cable bouquets and FTA vs. Pay-TV

  • Radio via satellite

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