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Immediate FeedBack System - IFS®

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  • Allows advertisers, product managers, ATL-clients, media and communications professionals to independently quantify  the effectiveness of their message or marketability of their product. Frequently employed as a comptetitor intelligence tool

  • Works like an insurance policy against unproductive communication efforts or products that the market rejects

  • Available worldwide including in emerging markets

  • Employs mobile messaging and quasi-representative panels of 100s of mobile phone users. Usually recruited as a sub-sample from nationally-representative surveys. No need for asking people to reconstruct from memory what they saw, heard or assessed

  • Delivers low-cost feedback e.g. on a TV advertisement, broadcast, public education campaign, POS initiative, FMCGs, etc. virtually within moments of the screening

  • Typically costs 2-4% of ATL-budget

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